painting His Dream...

with colors of love.

Dearest Lord,

 I realized I didn't even begin to understand the depths of Your love for me until the day I saw my child fell down. I felt my heart literally jumped out of my chest to pick her up. I felt the sting of pain to see her cry so badly. 
I felt I ran to her crying like i never did in my life. I felt I could do anything...just anything in the world to keep her safe. I felt I would give my life to keep her away from hurt and pain. 

That's when it suddenly occurred to me how much You loved me that You came down to pick me up.  Much more and so many mega times more than the love I have for my child.

I am indeed very much a part of You just how my child is a part of me. I mean the whole world to You just how my child means the whole world to me.

Love You Lord. Your love so greater than anything I can ever describe. 

Love You with all that i have. 
Love You with all that I am.


The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.
Psalm 145:14 

She's curious. 
She dreams. 
She fantasizes.
She finds. 
She gives her all. 
She sacrifices.

She believes. 
She bears. 
She gets hurt.
She gets disappointed. 

She cries. 
She shouts.
She fights. 

She struggles.
and then one fine day,
She withdraws herself.
She exists.
She is.

~.~. Nithya JC ~.~.

      The other day I was thinking about the very simple questions we miss to ask ourselves. And so we go through meaningless motions in life without realizing what is actually important.

If only we ask these questions,

  • What am I doing here on earth? 
  • Where will I be going after death? 
  • Who will cry for me and miss me truly if I die tonight? 
  • How many things have I done that will outlast my life (that'll speak of me even when I'm gone) ? 
  • When was the last time I stood amazed watching the moon or a rainbow or the eyes of a baby? 

  • We'll find our our life's purpose.
  • We'll end up with God.
  • We'll get to value relationships and take time to express love.
  • We'll concentrate on doing meaningful things than just gathering wealth.
  • We'll start to enjoy every moment.

Won't we?

~.~. JC Nithya ~.~.

It's been nineteen years.

We still miss you.

Every conversation..even the ones with all the fun
ends up with you and your memories.

You are the reason behind many of our smiles till today.
You are the reason behind many of our tears as well.

It still hurts your parents to see your pictures.
It still hurts your sisters to think of all the good times.

You're the best son any parent would long to have.
You've been the best brother any sister would wish to have.

Though I have only a vague memory of you,
I miss the beautiful relationship i could have had with you.

Still there are so many "if only"s, only you can complete 
and so many "Wish you were"s, only you can fulfill.

You loved us all like a child. 
so much of love with so much purity.
You never preached us about Jesus.
But we found Him through the way you lived.

Yes, we know you're in a better place
rejoicing with the Lord you loved the most.
We can't forget you, dear Uncle.
We hope to meet you soon.

You are an indispensable part of our lives.
We miss you lots.

With Love,
Nithya JC. 16.9.2012.

Every time someone asks me, "Why are you still single?", I wish I could ask them back "Why are you still married?" ;)

Being Single doesn't mean that I had a 'love-failure'. 
(The term has no place in my dictionary because I strongly believe "Love never fails")
Being Single doesn't mean that I'm too career-focused. 
(I certainly know there're more important things in life than money)

Being Single doesn't mean that my parents are selfish. 
(For God's sake, you have no rights to talk about them!)
Being Single doesn't mean that I'm afraid to handle marital issues. 
(I'm strong enough to face challenges in life whether it is before or after getting married)

Being Single doesn't mean that I'm still seeking Mr.Perfect.
(Just shut up! I know the mess I am and I would never even dare to do that.)
Being Single doesn't mean that I'm a lesbian. 
(Yes, I've faced that question as well.. :(..)

Being Single doesn't mean that I'm dreaming too much to actually fall in love. 
(My dreams have nothing to do with a guy. They're of much higher level than what you could think of)
Most of all, Being Single doesn't mean that I'm desperate!!!!

Being Single just means I'm living life by myself as I'm still to find someone to share it with.  It may be too late. I may find or I may not. But that doesn't affect my happiness a bit.

To all of you who have made such huge assumptions about me, I ask only one thing.
Before you start pointing out somebody's mistakes or start advising them, please do consider how much effort have you taken to understand them from where they stand and what they're made of.

I'm happy being Single! I know I'll be happy when I get married too.
Because, I believe in a God who makes everything beautiful in its time!

Thank you for all your concern. Sorry, I don't need it anymore!!!

~.~. JC Nithya ~.~.

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