painting His Dream...

with colors of love.

Every time someone asks me, "Why are you still single?", I wish I could ask them back "Why are you still married?" ;)

Being Single doesn't mean that I had a 'love-failure'. 
(The term has no place in my dictionary because I strongly believe "Love never fails")
Being Single doesn't mean that I'm too career-focused. 
(I certainly know there're more important things in life than money)

Being Single doesn't mean that my parents are selfish. 
(For God's sake, you have no rights to talk about them!)
Being Single doesn't mean that I'm afraid to handle marital issues. 
(I'm strong enough to face challenges in life whether it is before or after getting married)

Being Single doesn't mean that I'm still seeking Mr.Perfect.
(Just shut up! I know the mess I am and I would never even dare to do that.)
Being Single doesn't mean that I'm a lesbian. 
(Yes, I've faced that question as well.. :(..)

Being Single doesn't mean that I'm dreaming too much to actually fall in love. 
(My dreams have nothing to do with a guy. They're of much higher level than what you could think of)
Most of all, Being Single doesn't mean that I'm desperate!!!!

Being Single just means I'm living life by myself as I'm still to find someone to share it with.  It may be too late. I may find or I may not. But that doesn't affect my happiness a bit.

To all of you who have made such huge assumptions about me, I ask only one thing.
Before you start pointing out somebody's mistakes or start advising them, please do consider how much effort have you taken to understand them from where they stand and what they're made of.

I'm happy being Single! I know I'll be happy when I get married too.
Because, I believe in a God who makes everything beautiful in its time!

Thank you for all your concern. Sorry, I don't need it anymore!!!

~.~. JC Nithya ~.~.


well said.

thank you, gal! :)

lively words.. true

Love ur attitude dear.. Its too good.. Nobody has the rites to interfere in our personal space .. V hv the fullest rites to live our life d way we want it to be .. :-)

Archana tamilarasan

thank you Jeya! :)

thanks so much, archana!! that's so sweet of you!!

really...saatai adi...kekra vaai lan moodikanum...i m glad i know a person like u...u re one of a kind and if ppl cant understand u,its their problem...

thank you, ananda! gud to hear from you. Each one of us is unique, one-of-a-kind, we just forget it at times..:)

Hope to see a sweet poem on "Us" soon!!

yes shirley, sure, will do it soon :)

that "us" poem u promised,seems to be still pending nithya:) time u wrote one, dont u think?:) we re waiting:)

Yes, ma'am, will write one soon :)

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