painting His Dream...

with colors of love.

Someone who made me realize that
God is so close and fascinating and unlike what i thought before.

Someone who is genuinely concerned about the people he comes across

no matter who they're or where they're from.

Someone who smiles from the heart
that radiates through his eyes.

Someone who had a beautiful dream…of building a wonderful church
and when it did come true…not just of stones…
but of his sweat, tears and prayers,
it made so many people taste true happiness.

Someone who truly feels the pain of a person

who’s wounded.

Someone in whose glance I’ve felt the pure love of a mother...

that’s waiting to embrace the kids.

Someone who has a heart as sensitive as a flower

that is filled up with so much love.

Someone who can't control his tears every time

he thinks of God's unfailing love.

Someone whose personality commands respect
though he never ever demands it.

Someone who inspires me everyday…in every way…

~.~. Nithya JC ~.~.

[Written on 09.02.2007 ]


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