painting His Dream...

with colors of love.

you hurt me 

you think you're superior 
you pretend to be innocent 
you act like you ll never be judged 
you forget the wounds you created 

you find it easy to push aside the past 
you boost up broken ego by belittling others 
you lie about everything just to make your way 

i wish i could. 
but i do not hate you 
my friend. 

i see 
a fearful child 
deep down inside of you 
standing alone 
never been accepted 
longing to be valued 
craving to be loved 

i wish roses on your path 
so one day you ll stop to see the thorns 

i wish light in your world 
so one day you'll see things as they are 

i wish you be loved unconditionally 
so one day you'll know how cruel you were. 

i wish you many more days to live 
so one day you ll know what you've lost.

~.~. JC Nithya .~.~


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