painting His Dream...

with colors of love.

      The other day I was thinking about the very simple questions we miss to ask ourselves. And so we go through meaningless motions in life without realizing what is actually important.

If only we ask these questions,

  • What am I doing here on earth? 
  • Where will I be going after death? 
  • Who will cry for me and miss me truly if I die tonight? 
  • How many things have I done that will outlast my life (that'll speak of me even when I'm gone) ? 
  • When was the last time I stood amazed watching the moon or a rainbow or the eyes of a baby? 

  • We'll find our our life's purpose.
  • We'll end up with God.
  • We'll get to value relationships and take time to express love.
  • We'll concentrate on doing meaningful things than just gathering wealth.
  • We'll start to enjoy every moment.

Won't we?

~.~. JC Nithya ~.~.


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