painting His Dream...

with colors of love.

It's been nineteen years.

We still miss you.

Every conversation..even the ones with all the fun
ends up with you and your memories.

You are the reason behind many of our smiles till today.
You are the reason behind many of our tears as well.

It still hurts your parents to see your pictures.
It still hurts your sisters to think of all the good times.

You're the best son any parent would long to have.
You've been the best brother any sister would wish to have.

Though I have only a vague memory of you,
I miss the beautiful relationship i could have had with you.

Still there are so many "if only"s, only you can complete 
and so many "Wish you were"s, only you can fulfill.

You loved us all like a child. 
so much of love with so much purity.
You never preached us about Jesus.
But we found Him through the way you lived.

Yes, we know you're in a better place
rejoicing with the Lord you loved the most.
We can't forget you, dear Uncle.
We hope to meet you soon.

You are an indispensable part of our lives.
We miss you lots.

With Love,
Nithya JC. 16.9.2012.


hey too good. jus thinking about how much he might ve inspired you?!!!!

thank you gal! yes, he's such a inspiration even after he's gone...A life well lived in every way!!! I admire him a lot.

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