painting His Dream...

with colors of love.

Dearest Lord,

 I realized I didn't even begin to understand the depths of Your love for me until the day I saw my child fell down. I felt my heart literally jumped out of my chest to pick her up. I felt the sting of pain to see her cry so badly. 
I felt I ran to her crying like i never did in my life. I felt I could do anything...just anything in the world to keep her safe. I felt I would give my life to keep her away from hurt and pain. 

That's when it suddenly occurred to me how much You loved me that You came down to pick me up.  Much more and so many mega times more than the love I have for my child.

I am indeed very much a part of You just how my child is a part of me. I mean the whole world to You just how my child means the whole world to me.

Love You Lord. Your love so greater than anything I can ever describe. 

Love You with all that i have. 
Love You with all that I am.


The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.
Psalm 145:14 

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